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tv   Fox 5 News Sports Extra  FOX  May 19, 2012 11:15pm-11:30pm EDT

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>> reporter: the prom king helped organize prom 2.0. >> won't everyone to have a fun, safe, and controlled environment to express themselves the way they want to. >> making senior memories? >> exactly. >> reporter: brunswick city administrator let a parent rent the city park building for prom 2.0 and the mayor and police chief signed off on it. about the only one who didn't support the students' effort was the principal. >> they pay $30 for the prom last month and this will cost 8. the best part, they're just for fun. >> have fun. >> karen was glad to see her son attend. >> and this is a great idea. they're graduating and this is big hoopla that they want to express themselves and their ideas and want to have a good time and have fun. >> and to leave a legacy they
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can be proud of. audrey barnes, fox 5 news. and we see a lot of the kids wearing shorts and t- shirts to the prom which is indicative of the kind of weather we had. >> and today was the day. break out the summerware. >> it was. >> and not only was it warm but plenty of sunshine. >> and that is true. let's look outside and see what is happening across the area. >> really, really clear skies, which is nice. a mile night and that is's beautiful shot as all. and there are some stars out there tonight. and the weekend is going to end up as pleasant as today and if you enjoy, you will enjoy tomorrow and we have unsettled days ahead and the temperatures are on the rise and our first named storm for the 2012 hurricane season and that formed on the coast.
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in the meantime, the highs today where they should be. 76 degrees at reagan national airport, bwi-thurgood marshal and with that high of 75. and fairly mild outside as it was in the 6:00 hour and with that seven at d.c. and 69 in hagerstown. we have 57 at culpeper and martinsburg, 60 degrees and dulles, 64 this hour and the skies still clear and with that ridge of high pressure off of the coast and a frontal system that we're dealing with and we're still seeing a few clouds and going to have plenty -- plenty of sunshine moving through and that is going to be nice with fairly light winds and hopefully you will get out and enjoy it. we have, however, a chance of rain showers in our forecast and that is going to stick around into the course of the later part of tomorrow and especially for lower southern maryland it looks like and we can't see a passing shower here and have that moisture and we're watching that closely.
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to the south, we're watching our new tropical storm, alberto. and that is the first named storm of the 2012 hurricane season and that is formed off of the south carolina coastal area and that does bear watching and right now, doesn't look like much is happening and is not expected to strengthen. and with all of the moisture pushing in from the atlantic, week see a slight passing shower later in the day and here around the 6:00 hour and that is looking like a few showers and northern southern maryland. monday on the other hand, starts a trend of some unedge ised days. be prepared and going into the course of the week with plenty of rainfall and some thunderstorms. this is a look of alberto off of the coast of the carolinas and expected to brush off of the coast of the cape hatteras and other than that, there is not much. can you see the projected track is going to the atlantic and
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become a remnant low and not expected to strengthen into a hurricane at all and high surf are expected for coastal south carolina and north carolina. in the meantime clear skies and light winds. tomorrow, warming up to 80 degrees and that is not bad. showing you the pattern of unsettled weather and have a chance of rain showers and thors every day from monday and through thursday. tomorrow, for the end of the day, and do not be surprised. i can't rule out a bit of a sprinkle here and there and into some early evening hours. very nice. >> sounds good. thank you. and hundreds of firefighters battling blazes. they brought deadly and destructive fires. >> reporter: it's an early start to fire season in the western united states with
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fires already burning in five western states. one in prescott, arizona, and the other in northern colorado. and the fire started earlier this week and is burning near ft. collins, colorado, and that is burningin in pines and steep areas of the region. the winds helped with the fire and there are evacuations of some smaller communities. it's beautiful and dangerous. >> you have to deal with it. and that is beautiful and this is coming with the territory. >> that is scary. you know, we have friends, neighbors, you know and this is a tight community here and, you know, i am worried. i'm really worried about it. >> reporter: a fire burning near prescott, arizona, not far from phoenix continues to burn and started last sunday. the gladiator fire chewed up more than 13,000 acres and is burning in the remote areas and stay away from the mining towns. so far, the winds have died
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down and helping them in their fight. the humidity is still at very low levels. and as they burn, the neighbors are keeping a close eye on what is happening with the fire situation in california. it's been a couple of years since they had a big fire and they prepared. >> and our focus is to make sure our equipment and people are prepared and with two relatively quiet years, we want to make sure our folks are keyed in to be unsafe and to fight the fire aggressively and to make sure they watch out for themselves and the safety of the public. >> reporter: here in the west, fire season used to be from the beginning of june until the end of november and with some rains and hot temperatures the last few years, they say the fire season is basically 12 months out of the year and in los angeles, adam housley, fox news. smoke filled the metro station.
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about what caused it. plus. and a lot of the graduates here at boone state university can look in the stands and see some family. one of them has to look -- right next to her. and thagraduating together. that story is coming up. 4@
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. college students all over the country are entering the workforce this week. bowie state university held the commencement on friday and the graduates you're about to meet have jobs. as beth parker shows us, they have something else, too, each other. >> eric a christina turner. >> reporter: on this sunny day, most bowie state university graduates had to appear in the crowds to find the families and had to look in the next seat over. daughter and mom. across the stage, one after
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another. each earning a master's degree in mental health counseling and no question they're related. >> a husband. >> the enternship. >> reporter: nora gave birth to her daughter when she was 16 years old. all's well now and wasn't too happy that her daughter became a teen mom herself. >> i knew how hard my life was when i got pregnant with her and i didn't want her to go through the same thing i went through. for awhile, we were homeless. >> reporter: years later, they went for a ride. >> and i told her to come ride with me. >> really, she was going to register for college. >> mom, we're going a doctor's appointment? >> it was a doctor's appointment. what the doctor ordered. >> and -- . >> shings she's my mother and most of the oldest think they're charging -- >> i am controlling. >> they finished undergrad in
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three years. >> and i was like i'm done, i can't do it anymore. >> and i can't do it without her. >> bringing us back to this. >> and i got a 3.7, i think. what did you get? >> 3.6. >> and -- did you it, mama. >> reporter: no work today, though. >> we're going to have sheboing- boing man. and we're going party like it's 1999. >> can you can cue put it on there. the message to her type granddaughter? >> yes, sweetheart. >> you can achieve and be educated and somebody. you can walk to hold your head up. >> this is getting started. >> congratulations to both of them. the new word of the night,y should boing boing. the news tonight is far from over. the news edge starts now.
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from the world's most important leaders spent the weekend in maryland. thank you for staying with us. i'm maureen umeh. the world economy nuclear weapons and oils are some of the topics on the g-8 agenda and here's more. >> reporter: the big of the summit by far held at camp david ended with a commitment to end the euro zone crisis that should interest have been obvious from the start. >> and we're committed to making sure that both growth and stability and fiscal consolidation are part of a package we have all should pursuit. >> overall, the focus is on budget cuts issue or the short- term borrowing several newly elected european leaders were elected to pursue. greece should stay in the euro
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zone. >> all g-8 states want greece to remain as part of the euro zone. >> greece may have to leave without a bailout throw europe in into recession and slow the u.s. recovery. the russian president putin who has blocked tough u.n. sanctions on syria not attending the summit, little progress was made. >> and we're all concerned about the violence that took place there and the loss of life. >> reporter: there was potentially more progress on iran, the leader sending a signal that they won't back off the sanctions on the oil industry, even if the oil supplies in europe and elsewhere run short. >> we want to see maximum impact on revenue. >> reporter: one goes to chicago in afghanistan and that will focus on how to support the country after nato troops withdraw and how to deal with the french decision to withdraw troops early. at camp brown outside of camp david, wendell


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